What is the Thyroid Solution Diet?


It is a unique, perfected, high-protein, Mediterranean diet that uses specific protein combinations selected based on their amino-acid profile. This is because certain amino-acids have a powerful effect on both appetite and metabolism.


These are some features of the Thyroid Solution Diet:

  • High in protein
  • Low glycemic
  • High in fiber
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Slightly hypo-caloric
  • Varying protein/carb ratios according to meals
  • Eat at regular times
  • Plenty of water until 4pm, then slow down on drinking
  • Mid afternoon snack (protein/fiber only)


How Does the Thyroid Solution Diet Work?


  • The Thyroid Solution Diet is a revolutionary diet designed to speed up metabolism on a molecular level by reversing the multiple hormone problems that underlie any weight gain.


  • The Thyroid Solution Diet is all about re-balancing the hormones that regulate your body fat.


  • The Thyroid Solution Diet will help you reverse leptin and thyroid hormone resistance and re-balances major players in your metabolism.


When you become overweight or obese, regardless of the cause, the hormones that regulate your body fat become imbalanced as a result of the weight gain. The imbalance is at the tissue and cell level. The hormones that normally make you burn fat to generate heat (metabolism) such as leptin and thyroid hormone, which is the touchstone of metabolism, become inefficient. Now you suffer from both leptin and thyroid hormone resistance.The Thyroid Solution Diet utilizes foods to energize your mitochondria and make metabolism-energizing hormones, leptin and thyroid hormone, work more efficiently. It also improves the activity of metabolism-boosting growth hormone and rebalances the activity of insulin, cortisol and other hormones involved in energy burning, appetite and food choices. It does more… the Thyroid Solution Diet will help you synchronize your central circadian clock and your cellular clock for optimal metabolism.