Body Fat Regulation


How much fat you have in your body is regulated by a complex and powerful hormonal system that makes sure that you don’t lose your energy stores for survival purposes and that you don’t store excessive amounts of fat. These hormones interact with each other and the hypothalamus, the master of the brain that regulates appetite, food choices, emotions and your biological clock. In normal circumstances, your hormonal system works at keeping your body fat mass pretty constant within a reasonable “normal” range. In addition to regulating your appetite and your caloric intake, these hormones regulate how much fat you will burn on a regular basis even when doing nothing (Basal Metabolic Rate). When you become overweight or obese, automatically your metabolism (Metabolic Rate) slows down.

The major hormonal players are:

  • Leptin

A hormone produced by fat tissue that works on two levels: suppressing appetite and speeding up metabolism and acts on the mitochondria to accelerate fat burn.

  • Thyroid Hormone

I call this the touchstone of metabolism. It also activates the mitochondria, the cells powerhouse, to burn fat and generate heat.

  • Growth Hormone

Has the ability to break down fat.

  • Insulin

An executive hormone that balances energy in the body and acts primarily on the liver, muscle and fat tissue. Insulin resistance or inefficiency often results in a self-perpetuating cycle of fat storage and inflammation that leads to metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

  • Ghrelin

A hormone predominantly produced by the stomach which has two major effects: it stimulates appetite and increases cravings,  and it slows down metabolism and fat burn in the mitochondria.

  • Cortisol

An important hormone from the adrenal glands that affects food choices, appetite and body fat distribution. Excessive cortisol causes fat to shift to the abdominal area and counteracts the effects of fat burning hormones leptin and thyroid hormone.

What is a slow metabolism?

The efficiency of fat burning and generation of heat in your body results in slow metabolism and preservation of fat instead of burning it. This will lead to gradual weight gain and increased body fat. Regardless of the cause, you will end up having a sluggish metabolism as a result of inefficiency of leptin and thyroid hormone and changes in the other hormonal systems.

The mitochondria are small particles inside the cells that regulate metabolic reactions and energy regulation. These are the particles where calories are burned to produce body heat. This process is called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the process of keeping your body temperature in an optimal range, allowing your cells to function properly and your body to function to survive in colder surroundings, even when you are inactive is the work of mitochondria. In the mitochondria there are unique proteins called uncoupling proteins that are responsible for activating thermogenesis and calorie burn. In essence, the health and activity of the energy power house of the cell, the mitochondria, that determines how efficient your metabolism is. The hormones leptin and ghrelin have stimulating effects on the uncoupling proteins and on the efficient activity of mitochondria to burn fat.

Brown Fat / White Fat

White fat simply represents the fat cells where fat is accumulated and stored as a form of energy. Brown fat in mitochondria which makes the fat cell look darker in color is the fat tissue that has the ability to burn a tremendous amount of fat and converts it into heat. White fat also serves for insulation. It is found in greater amounts around your neck and collar and is mixed with white fat. It is clear that the more brown fat you have, the more fat burn your body will accomplish.

How the Thyroid Solution Diet Energizes Your Metabolism and Makes You Burn More Fat to Lose Weight Successfully

The foods in the Thyroid Solution Diet will help the efficiency of brown fat and energize the activity of the mitochondria to generate heat. Activating your brown fat and your mitochondria will make your body more efficient in using the sugar and the fat you eat and burning it, raising your Basal Metabolic Rate. When you are overweight or obese, your brown fat tissue becomes dormant and doesn’t work as efficiently as possible. This is the consequence of inflammation in your body and hormone imbalance and inefficiency. High ghrelin levels make brown fat tissue work less efficiently and slow down your metabolism. The Thyroid Solution Diet activates uncoupling proteins through the right foods eaten at the right time providing your body with the right amounts of all the amino acids and activate your calorie burn. The Thyroid Solution Diet will provide you with the best protein combinations to raise and enhance the activity of the mitochondria, resulting in maximum fat burn.

To maintain a healthy metabolism, you need to preserve the health of your hypothalamus that senses the heat generated by your metabolism and senses how much body fat you have through leptin and thyroid hormone. The Thyroid Solution Diet has been meticulously designed to reduce inflammation in your body and in the hypothalamus to enhance the efficiency of leptin and thyroid hormone.