“The Thyroid Solution Diet: Boost Your Sluggish Metabolism to Lose Weight” (Atria; Release Date: January 8, 2013)


Exciting news! Tomorrow, my book The Thyroid Solution Diet will hit the shelves of Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other bookstores. This book is a must have for anyone looking to lose weight as well as for people looking for a healthy body and elevated mood. The Thyroid Solution Diet is a science based diet focused on making your metabolism function well. This book will help people lose weight and regain control of their health and their lives!




Simple diet and exercise are often not effective. Weight gain doesn’t just affect your body outside; science is now showing that weight gain perpetuates a multi-hormonal disorder that affects the ability to burn fat, fueling further weight gain and weight loss resistance. The ability to burn fat and generate heat (metabolism) is regulated by hormones in the body. When those hormones are not balanced, within a healthy range, then metabolism slows and fat deposits on the body grow. Hormones also regulate behavior; they regulate feelings of hunger as well as depression which can fuel out of control eating habits.  Body fat regulation depends on a sensitive hormone balance.




Thyroid problems and weight issues go hand in hand, so it’s important that both be addressed to achieve weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. After treating thousands of patients struggling with weight, I developed the diet plan presented in The Thyroid Solution Diet, which is the most successful at producing weight loss results in people with even the slowest metabolisms because of how it affects hormones. Key metabolism boosting hormones are thyroid hormone and leptin.  I designed The Thyroid Solution Diet (a perfected high fiber, low-glycemic, high protein Mediterranean diet) to balance thyroid hormones and leptin levels-making your metabolism work for you. The Thyroid Solution Diet is a low-glycemic diet, reducing inflammation in the body and minimizing sugar and insulin.  The book contains this innovative well balanced science-based diet in a structured and easy to follow set of meal plans that include specific food combinations at specific times of day for maximum impact on your metabolism. Furthermore, there’s a large number of delicious diet recipes to make living healthy very enjoyable. No diet is complete without exercise, and the book presents an easy to follow, metabolism boosting 20/10 exercise program (30 mins of exercise a day). Overall, this book is so much more than a diet plan, it’s a set of guidelines for lifestyle changes towards mind-body wellness.





As an expert in the field of thyroid hormone and metabolism and through this easy to read book I present techniques for hormonal balance recognition that may be hidden reasons for weight problems. The book includes the most advanced research on thyroid and metabolism, presented in a reader friendly manner to help people struggling with weight problems. If you are looking to lose weight and nothing seems to work- this is the diet for you! Live healthier and live happier in 2013!


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